TomTom Touch Review - Fitness Tracker That Tells You How Much Fat You've Shred

Does the TomTom touch really help you measure your body fat? You may be reading this because you want to give yourself a motivation to shred those flabby fats off of you and you want to know your progress and if your method is effective. Well, that’s what’s on my mind too. Interesting enough, the TomTom Touch offers body composition sensor that measures your fats and muscle mass.

Why measure body composition?

According to TomTom, measuring what your body is made up of gives you more relevant results than simply weighing or calculating your BMI (body mass index). Since muscle weighs more than fat, you could gain weight from strength training, yet look slimmer. By measuring your body composition over time, you’ll be able to see if your muscle and fat percentages go up or down and you’ll have a more accurate picture of how your body is changing.

Therefore, this is not only for the ones who wants to lose fats, but also for those who wants to gain muscles. But will it live to its promise? Although it is cheaper than any other popular fitness trackers, priced at $99 at amazon, you would want to know if you are getting more value that the price, or is it something that you want to skip.  

Sometimes, we can’t get much from a cheaper priced fitness tracker, but the TomTom Touch gives a lot of hope. Let us not discount that It was awarded winner of ISPO AWARD 2017 in the health and fitness segment.


The TomTom Touch follows the fitness band trend, similar to the xiaomi band look, which can be removed from the band itself for charging. You can also interchange the bands with other after-market bands available in amazon for fashion purposes. But I’m not very fan of the big button on the face of the watch; it gives it a very obvious look of a fitness tracker. You wouldn’t like it if you want a discreet type of interface.  The silicone rubber that is similar to the xiaomi band that hoops to the other band and locks with two bottoms. The band gets a lot of complaints, as it can easily take off from your wrist and possibly lose it even with its two button lock design.



This is where the TomTom Touch stands out. Packed with some smart features like phone notifications and the usual fitness tracking features like  heart rate, step counter, calories burned, distance, and sleep tracker. Unfortunately, this did not come with GPS, which is very rare at this price point. We tested it for accuracy and compared it with the fitbit charge and it gave 97% comparable results with the fitbit charge when it comes  to step counting and heart rate monitor. I guess, there is nothing much to discuss in that part as the TomTom Touch offers a very reliable tracking, Except – The Body Composition Feature may not be the case. But wait! It can’t be useless at all.

Body Composition Testing

Since this is the highlight feature of the TomTom Touch, the big question here is the accuracy. We tested it with our volunteer and the results are good. But before we go throught the results, let me help you understand how it works.

According to TomTom, the body composition feature works by sending a small and harmless electrical current through your body. The current flows more easily through muscle than through fat, so by measuring how much current flows at various frequencies, an estimate of the percentage of body fat and muscle can be calculated. Everything else that your body is composed of falls into the “other” category, for example water or bone. Your body composition results for body fat, muscle and "other" add up to 100%.

Your body composition measurement is stored by your TomTom Touch and then transferred to the MySports app and MySports website where you can see it alongside your steps, calories, distance and active time metrics. This means that you can track your efforts and results in the same place.

The manual recommend that you measure your body composition at the same time of day and follow the steps on how to measure it.

To get an accurate measurement, follow the steps below.

  1. Wear your fitness tracker for at least 15 minutes before performing a measurement.
  2. Tip: 15mins allows the electrode on your wrist to get to skin temperature for an accurate result.
  3. Important: For an accurate result take your body composition measurement reading at the same time of the day.
  4. Wake up your TomTom Touch by pressing the button.
  5. Swipe to two screens above the clock screen of your fitness tracker, where you see a percentage sign.
  6. Your arms should not touch the side of your body, and your hands and wrists should not touch each other. This can lead to the current taking a shorter path which can cause inaccurate results.

  7. Press the button with the tip of your index finger for about 10 seconds, until a tick appears on the screen.
  8. Make sure you cover the entire button with your fingertip and that your finger forms a straight line with the display of your fitness tracker.
  9. Tip: If you see a cross on the screen rather than a tick, try putting a small amount of water on your wrist right under the electrode and on the tip of your index finger.
  10. Go to the MySports Mobile app to see your body composition measurement and progress against your goal:
  11. Tap the menu icon, then Progress > Filter button> Body in Activities or select a Body Fat goal by clicking on it. You can view your body fat and muscle percentages and the trends over time.

    Shop TomTom Touch at Amazon for $89.99

Tips for measuring body composition

  • The overall trend of measurements is more accurate if you measure at the same time of day each time.
  • The ideal time to take a measurement is in the morning, after going to the bathroom but before eating, drinking, showering or exercising.
  • For women, measurements are less accurate if taken during a menstrual period, as this generally affects the fluid balance in your body.
  • Body composition cannot be accurately measured whilst pregnant or if you have larger metal implants in your body, for example as a result of surgery.

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The Test

So we ask a volunteer to wear the TomTom Touch and have him measure his body fat and compared to his pre-tested results from a hand held BIA device. The TomTom  Touch acheived a 20.5% body fat compared to 25% from the BIA device. It may be a big difference of percentage does matter. However, the TomTom Touch has been consistent after a few test which means, it may not be 100% accurate, which no fitness tracker is perfect after all, it may be helpful from your current reading to measure if you are really losing those fats after all your efforts and hardwork. The changes on the numbers may motivate you to work more and do more fat burning. So far as I know, no other fitness trackers offers this feature and if you happen to know a competitor, don’t hesitate to commen them below so we can take a look at them and do a review for you as well.

Ease of Use

The navigation on the TomTom Touch is quite walky and you have to swipe down to view other features, but when you get the hang of it, it wouldn’t matter at all. The wake up button sometimes does not wake the watch but to rare to make it a disadvantage, although the display wakes when you raise your hand to check it.


TomTom Touch promised a 5 day battery but with or test, it lasted about 3-4 days with all features turned on, but it kicks a few days if you turn off the bluetooth off and just turn it on if you need to sync to your phone.


If you are looking for a perfect fitness tracker, this is not you are looking for, but if you need fitness tracker that will tell you that you are getting slimmer or that you are doing it right. Yes, get the TomTom Touch, if design is not so big of a mattery to you and you can just wear it during your workout and not an all around watch, which it isn’t, but it can track your activities 24/7 if you wish.

Good points

  • Accurate heart rate monitor
  • Useful Body Composition sensor
  • Enough battery

Bad Points

  • No GPS
  • Design
  • Strap keeps falling off

If you have tried the TomTom Touch comment down below your thoughts about it, it will always be helpful to others make their decision.

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