Water Resistant Or Waterproof Which Smartwatch to Get

Does your workout involve water activities like swimming? Or you just need a smartwatch that can resist sweat or hold out against unexpected rain showers while running? By now you’ve come across with smartwatches labeled as waterproof and water-resistant but are they really the same thing?

According to Ghostek, water-resistant means that the device can hold off water but not fully whilst waterproof means that the device can be immersed in  water for some period and will not cause any issues. From these definitions, these two terms are related however the way the gadgets are classified based on ratings really differs. Say, while you’re out for a run then suddenly it rained, if your smartwatch is classified as water-resistant with a rating of IP67, you won’t have to worry as it will be perfectly fine after wiping it dry but should you want take a few laps in the pool, you would want to opt for a smartwatch with an IP68 or 5ATM rating instead.

So what are Ingress Protection ratings?

IP or Ingress Protection ratings determine whether a device can withstand being submerged in the water or how it can effectively keep off dust from contact with its internal components.

As with today’s gadgets, we commonly see ratings like IP67 or IP68 but why is there a difference with the numbers?

waterproof smartwatch swimming

Table taken from szwqf

As illustrated above, the the first number indicates solid particles such as dust and the higher the number indicated, the better the device is protected from such particles. Meanwhile, the second number suggests water protection and like the first number, the higher the rating is, there is more assurance that your smartwatch is safe when plunging it for a swim.

Further reading for Ingress Protection here.

Now, another rating that has been common with watches is the ATM (atmospheres) rating.

waterproof smart watch phone

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Atmospheres are used to rate water resistance in your smartwatch.  ATM ratings determine whether your smartwatch can survive extreme water sports or just swimming. With 5 ATM, you can definitely take your smartwatch for a swim at any day. Should you be into scuba diving, you certainly need a smartwatch with a rating of 10 ATM and up.

Read more regarding water resistance ratings here.

Now, which smartwatches are waterproof or water-resistant?

Smartwatches with a rating of IP67 can handle splashes like when washing hands or having too much sweat while working out. Some smartwatches with this rating are as follows:

  • LG G Watch
  • Apple Watch Series 1
  • Apple Watch (1st generation)
  • Ticwatch S
  • Amazfit Pace
  • Xiaomi Mijia Quartz

These smartwatches are commonly rated IP68 or has an ATM rating of 5 and is good for shallow-water activities like Swimming.

If you’re seriously into skin diving or your into activities that requires you to be underwater for such a period of  time, you might want to consider smartwatches with ATM rating that are 10 and up like:

  • Garmin Fenix 3 HR
  • Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Edition
  • Matrix PowerWatch 2
  • Nixon Mission

Here's our list of Best Waterproof Smartwatch and in-dept review.

I know I haven’t covered all of the smartwatches so let me know which smartwatch I missed in the comments below!

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