Best Smartwatches You'd Want To Use For Calls and Texts

“A smartwatch you can text or call on? Shouldn’t we just use smartphones for contacting somebody?”

I think everybody would agree that the primary gadget to use for calling and texting should be our phones. That’s why they were invented for, right? Yes, however no matter how ‘smart’ our phones may be, sometimes these elegant-looking, rectangular devices just aren’t enough for us now.

Here’s why.

Living in a fast-paced world, we can’t afford to be delayed by anything. Though smartphones have come a long way, people have always been trying to redefine how we are living with machines, specifically gadgets, for us to be efficient. Along with that, communication has been easier with the latest smartphones but as wearables are now a game-changer in the technology scene, many companies have been offering them to partner with their products and one known wearable is the smartwatch.

best smartwatch for android

The deal with smartwatches now is that they offer so much more than just tracking your health and showing you your notifications. Tech companies have now extended communicating capabilities on their smartwatches too. This enables the user to be connected anywhere at anytime without taking their phones out of their pockets or rummaging through their bags.

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Though this might not sound very appealing for others (as it is kind of weird to talk to your wrist) but for some this is one sweet feature that makes their hectic lives a little bit easier. For an instance, when you’re carrying something like a bag of groceries and suddenly someone calls you, it’s a bit of a bother to put everything down and take out your phone. We all live for convenience, don’t we?

And so here are some smartwatches that allows you to text or call right on the spot:

Apple Watch Series 4

best smartwatch for iphone

The Apple Watch is one of the first smartwatch that enables users to place calls and type in quick messages. The latest Apple Watch Series 4, released in September 2018, is able to send handwritten messages. If you’re an Apple fen, then getting one of these could never go wrong.

Samsung Gear S3

best smartwatch for android

Typing in small screens can be a bit of challenge and so with pre-loaded responses, you can easily reply to your text messages and you can add in your own replies too plus Gear S3 offers excellent sound quality as well.

Huawei Watch 2

best smartwatch for android

Left your phone? No worries as Huawei offers a standalone smartwatch so you can receive calls or reply to messages anywhere at any time. It runs on Android Wear 2 and can be paired with other smartphones.

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LG Watch Sport

best smartwatch for android

Another standalone smartwatch is offered by LG. With built-in microphone and speakers, the LG Watch Sport do not disappoint during calls. Promptly reply whenever as this smartwatch supports LTE and can be used with any sim.

As more months come in for 2019, we might see new smartwatches with more additional features but as far as the topic of communication goes, we already have a lot to choose from.

Here are as well some stand-alone smartwatches if you don't want to carry your phone around.

So which smartwatch interests you? Let us know in the comments below!


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