4 Reasons Why We Love Hybrid Smartwatches (and You Should Too!)

With all the hype from the latest smartwatches such as Apple Watch Series 4 or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, it can be overwhelming. As new features are added in every version of each smartwatch, I can’t help to think that it will soon replace smartphones, just in a smaller screen on your wrist. You can text and call or even pay with your smartwatch now plus the addition of  different health features like ECG tracking or that can help monitor your body fat.

skagen hybrid smartwatch

But what if regular watches can get ‘smarter’ too?

Hybrid smartwatches, simply, are traditional watches with an addition of connectivity to your smartphone via Bluetooth and an app. These hybrid smartwatches can deliver notifications on your wrist and perform health tracking features like step counter as well.

Without much further ado, here are the reasons why we fell for hybrid smartwatches and why you should check them out!

1. Their old-fashioned, classic look

Its major difference from common smartwatches is that it doesn’t have a screen. Unlike, today’s smartwatches, hybrid ones don’t have bezels nor that always-on display feature and so you don’t have to worry about screen visibility on a sunny day. Also, you get that classic look like any other regular watches.

skagen hybrid smartwatch

2. They’re simple.

With too many functions plus different apps installed on your smartwatch, for some it seems a bit crowded. Hybrid smartwatches takes away that packed screen and only offers you a few buttons to use the smartwatch. This as well lessens the complexity of the usual smartwatches and can be real easy for the user to navigate and set adjustments.   Simple features like when you get notifications, the dials point out to a certain number and vibrates to let you know someone contacted you or you got a notification from one of your apps.

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3. Price range

As smartwatches are pieces of technology, they can get pricey. Hybrids aren’t an exception as well but there are options in this category that are not very expensive. Below are some hybrid smartwatches that doesn’t break the bank:

Misfit Phase - $98.95  
Skagen Hybrid - $69.99 
Fossil Q Hybrid - $116.25 
Garmin Vivomove HR - $169.97 
Withings Steel HR Sport - $179.95 

4. Functionality

Hybrids offer similar functions as common smartwatches and if you only need the basics, you’ll definitely consider getting a hybrid smartwatch. On the fitness side, hybrids such as Garmin Vivomove HR provides you stress-level estimations, sleep tracking as well as a heart rate monitor.

Don’t like the usual short battery life of most smartwatches? Well, hybrids are really for you as they can last up to 6 months or more (as all gadgets, battery life depends on the usage) like the Fossil Hybrid. Most hybrids are equipped with a coin cell battery and the absence of screens enables the smartwatch to consume less energy.

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One of the best hybrids available is the Withings Steel HR, with GPS plus up to 50 meters water-resistant, this hybrid offers a comprehensive activity tracker be it for walking, running, swmming, or just sleeping. The only drawback( not really a let-down though) for this hybrid is its battery life, this smartwatch can go on without recharging up to an average of 25 days or less but that’s already impressive considering common smartwatches only last up to a few days.

Did you consider getting a hybrid smartwatch before? Let us know in the comments below!

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