Personal Safety, Why Wearables Come in Handy

Gadgets are getting smaller and much smarter as technology evolves. Not only these gadgets provide us convenience but we’re more geared to use them independently and eventually rely on them alone. As such, we’re now in a  generation where more gadgets have been designed to cater to almost everything and with just one click, communication has never been easier. 

wearable security devices

We recognize that smartphones have gotten a long way, from keypads to touch screens, from bulky to sleek and premium designs however as we continue changing, we see as well an advancement of these devices plus an addition to the present gadgets which we call wearables.

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Of all wearables, smartwatches are in the spotlight right now. Not only has checking our notification have gotten much easier in a glance and with all the health-tracking benefits, safety features are present as well.

How wearables helps us be safe

As the term wearable suggests, these are devices that are integrated into clothing or can be strap on the body which can be worn easily. Though we carry our phones everyday, there might be circumstances where we don’t have it. Wearables on the other hand enables us to do things hands-free and can be standalone devices. All it takes is one tap to be able to call someone for help.

So what do wearables offer when it comes to safety?

One particular app which called Wearsafe on the Apple Watch has a panic-button for users to instantly call out for help. The app then alerts anyone  connected to your Wearsafe network as soon as it is activated. The smartwatch then vibrates subtly as soon as someone receives your SOS. This is really helpful for situations when sending a distress call must be done carefully to avoid putting you further in danger. Not only it is limited for Apple Watch users but Wearsafe rolled out an android version as well for those who are using Wear OS (formerly, Android Wear) smartwatches.

best personal safety devices


Samsung incorporated apps into their smartwatches for safety too and one of the apps called SoloProtect for lone workers works similarly like Wearsafe where the user can ask for help discreetly through the watch, only it will be connected to an emergency response team. GPS location of the user is also accessible if the wearer can’t be contacted.

wearable security devices

Other Wearables (you may need your smartphones for these, though)

Besides smartwatches, there are also wearables that are dedicated for safety only.

wearables for safety
Ivy can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet and is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth. When the situation calls for it, tapping Ivy two times will cause your phone to alarm and tapping on it three times will trigger your phone to send out an sms and your location to your friends or family.

best personal safety devices

Nimb allows you to call for help right on your finger. This ring-type device has a panic button and when pressed, it can send your location silently to your friends and emergency services. Nimb as well is made with hypoallergenic materials thus eliminating any possible allergic reactions.

best personal safety devices


Best smartwatches to get for contactless payments

If you prefer something you can just hang on anywhere, Revolar might interest you. This safety device can be attached to your clothes and can pass as your keychain! It syncs with your smartphone and allows you to send alerts with a 1-2-3 click alert system: one press means you’re safe, pressing twice will enable your phone to send your location to your contacts and activates ‘Ring me’ feature where it call your phone to help you get out of a uncomfortable situation and lastly, clicking thrice will immediately send an SOS to your contacts indicating an emergency alert.

Did you find these wearables interesting? Let us know which one you would get in the comments below. Stay safe!


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