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Did you know that every 40 seconds someone in the US experience a stroke? Fitness trackers have been helping us improve our health, and recently manufacturers have included Blood Pressure monitor sensors to help people who need to monitor their blood pressure hoping to zero out heart attacks.

According to Heart.Org, stroke remains the No.1 cause of death in the US which takes 1 of every 19 deaths in the US.  Stroke happens when the blood flow to a part of your brain is cut off. Without the oxygen in the blood, brain cells start dying within minutes. [Heart.Org: Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 2018 ]

If you think you are fit enough, don’t be too confident. According to WebMD, there are few causes of stroke, such us high blood pressure, Tobacco (smoking, chewing), Heart disease, Diabetes, weight and exercise, some medications, and age. If you are exposed to these kind of conditions, it’s always handy to have a blood pressure monitor on your wrist. [Webmd: Top Causes of Stroke ]

You are probably here to check on what fitness trackers or smart watch that has a blood pressure monitor. Health has been a trend these days and having a fitness tracker or a discreet smart watch isn’t going to bother your outfit and can always be rather lifesaving .

We have gathered this few fitness trackers/smart watch that has a blood pressure monitor for you to check out and what suits your need.


Blood pressure monitor


The LYNWO M6 is the latest wearable from LYNWO, it has a sporty curve design, including the  heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, pedometer, distance, calorie, sleep monito. Rated at IP67 waterproof so you can take it for a swim and you can get it for only $49.99

Verpro Smart Watch

Blood pressure monitor


From DoSmarter technology an All-day activity tracker rated at IP67 waterproof with inspired by the looks of the apple watch that has a blood pressure monitor, SPO2 monitor, intelligent sleep tracker and comes with the usual fitness tracker features such as step counting, calories burn, distance. It includes some smart features like notification, reminder, music control, weather and move reminder. Fully packed with features for only $66.99


Blood pressure monitor


Ondeko smart watch can support 24 hours monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen. Record steps, calories and distance, and sleep so you can know your sports data, adjust your exercise program and live a healthier life. Rated IP68 waterproof grade, so you can go swimming with it. 


Blood pressure monitor


With a colored display with Female physiological period reminder, count-down, Step count, 24 hour continuous blood pressure monitoring, 24 hour continuous heart rate monitoring, Stopwatch, Reminder, Running mode, Multi-display mode, Fatigue test, Calorie, mileage, Call reminder, Refuse call, Wechat movement,Notification, Sleep Monitoring, Photograph, Waterproof, Phone tracking, Heart-rate warning, Sedentary Reminder.

XZHI Fitness Tracker

Blood pressure monitor


XZHI Fitness Tracker has a line of fitness trackers that has a blood pressure monitor together with the usual fitness tracking features like step counter, heart rate monitor, calories burned, timer, alarm , sedentary reminder, remote camera and other smart features like notifications and multi-media controls for only $47.99

Omngin Fitness Tracker

Blood pressure monitor

The Fitness Tracker will track your steps, activities record, heart rate blood pressure and calories. And many other functions, such as Sedentary Reminder, Date/Time Display, Clock Alarm, Sleeping Monitor, More activity sports Mode (walking, running, riding), Supports Message and SNS Remind, Sedentary Remind, Alarm clock, Find phone, Remote camera shoot. Also rate with IP68 waterproof and dustproof so you are confident wearing it anytime, anywhere.

Omron HeartGuide

Blood pressure monitor

Buy from Omron

Omron is one of the top brands for blood pressure devices and their masquerade it into a smart watch. It is a medical device because and a smart watch at the same time since it works like the blood pressure monitor cuffs that inflate on your wrist to get your accurate blood pressure monitor, heart rate that you can share with your physicians’ online. It does have fitness tracker features such as step tracking and calories burned and sleep monitor. It is FDA approved so this may be your best choice for $499.

So what’s your pick? The best choice is your choice, what is important is that these fitness trackers can provide you the blood pressure monitor that can help you improve your heart health and may be lifesaving.

Watch out soon for our individual product review of each smartwatch for the detailed specification and test that we are going to make with these blood pressure monitor smartwatch.

If there are other fitness trackers that I forgot to mention on this article please comment them below.

While you are here, you might be interested about the ECG feature of the Apple watch 4 and if they can detect some signs of stroke: Can Apple watch ECG detect possible signs of stroke?




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