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If there’s one accessory women would pick as a classic piece, it would be a watch.

Watches have already come a long way. With joining the trend in technology, it has   progressed into smartwatches that do not just tell time but can already do a ton of things in efficiency: show notifications, track fitness stats, etc...

Nowadays, smartwatches have become a craze and of course, many wouldn’t want to get left behind, especially women. However when it comes to smartwatches, there aren’t many offerings that cater to what most women would like.

Besides the specs, women also tend consider a smartwatch’s aesthetics and our list is just perfect if you’re currently looking for an attractive smartwatch in the market.

Apple Watch Series 4

One of the leading tech companies, Apple is known to distinctively design their gadgets in a minimal manner. From afar, you’ll already know it’s an apple product with its no -fuss, sleek design.

Much pleasing to the eyes are the Apple Watches and its latest version, the Apple Watch Series 4, is one of the premium smartwatches you can currently buy.

The Series 4 comes with 2 sizes and anyone with a smaller wrist, especially ladies, would greatly benefit from the 40mm whilst if you prefer a bigger display instead, you can opt for the 44mm.

The bands of the Series 4 can be interchanged as well which makes the smartwatch perfect for any getup be it in a formal occasion or just an everyday watch.

On the health side, the Apple truly stepped up its game featuring an ECG monitoring into the Series 4. This allows you to track your heart patterns however, Apple has laid out that this feature must not be used alone to diagnose any heart irregularities.

Another neat feature that comes with the ECG monitoring is the fall detection. Apart from the health features, fitness-minded ladies could take advantage of the Series 4’s automatic workout detection which makes tracking workouts much easier.

As premium as it is, the Apple Watch Series 4 is pricey but a good-looking smartwatch plus all the cool features, you’ll surely get what you paid for.

Fitbit Versa


Known for its activity trackers, Fitbit has also its offerings in the smartwatch market.

Fitbit started with Ionic in 2017, though jam-packed with health and fitness features, it’s design seemed to appeal less with it being too big on the wrist. Fitbit corrected this with Versa, Ionic’s successor.

Having a much sleeker design and an attractive interface, Fitbit definitely kept in mind the ladies when they introduced the Versa.

Not cutting off any features from Ionic, Versa maintained it’s all-around distinction as a smartwatch, ranging from sleep monitoring to NFC payments.

One charming quality of the Versa is it’s Female Health feature. Though there may be other apps that supports women’s needs, nothing beats a dedicated tracker.

With the Female Health features, ladies can track their menstrual cycle directly on the Versa providing insights like ovulation cycles and predicting when will Aunt Flo be visiting the next month.

Given that the Versa already tracks your activities, this will help you determine if your menstrual pattern is affected by your workouts or sleep.

If you’re seriously into being fit and you’ve been living an active lifestyle but want a smartwatch that doesn’t compromise style , getting Fitbit Versa might just be the smartwatch for you.

Misfit Vapor 2

Typical gadgets would have that edgy-look and it seems unnatural to have a square-ish device on the wrist but the Misfit Vapor 2 won’t give you any of the that.

Upgrading from its predecessor, the Vapor 2 has now a built-in GPS and allows NFC payments. It also comes in two sizes, the bigger 46mm casing and 41 mm which will definitely complement those with smaller wrists.

Not only Misfit offered a different size, but the Vapor 2 straps come in different colors and materials too so you’ll have more options if you’ll be getting this smartwatch.

Choices include a stainless steel bracelet (variety of rose tone, black, and silver colors) and sport straps (blue, rose tone, brown, and black).


Vapor 2 is running Wear OS so you won’t see any extra features aside from Misfit’s very own tweaks on its watch faces. You can still use the Vapor 2 even if you’re an iPhone user however there are limitations as it works best with Android devices.

Misfit Vapor 2’s fitness features are mainly Wear OS’ attributes. With its built-in GPS, Google Fit tracks running distances and it’s heart-rate sensor is fairly accurate. The smartwatch tracks burned calories and steps as well.

Misfit Vapor 2 is an attractive smartwatch and comfortable one to wear during workouts with its simple design.

Fossil Q Venture HR

One of the gorgeous smartwatches available, Fossil Q Venture HR is surely an eye-catcher.

Elegantly designed, the Fossil Q Venture HR is offered in many variants to choose from. Whether you’d want to have the stainless steel or the silicone bands, the Q Venture HR won’t disappoint.

Lightweight at only 50g, the Q Venture model is pleasing to wear at 40mm wide face and with a thickness of 13 mm. Embellished with crystals, the Q Venture looks luxurious. You can opt for a variant that does not have the extravagant crystals without losing that premium feel with it.

The 4th generation of smartwatches of Fossil, it runs on Wear OS. NFC payments are now available through Google Pay which has been added to the Q Venture model. A storage of 4 GB is already sufficient for you to add apps and music.

Fitness features are of the Wear OS which includes a heart-rate monitor, built-in GPS for tracking plus it is waterproof up to 50 meters if you want to track your swims. Always-on feature helps you see the time whenever without ‘waking’ the smartwatch.

Overall, the Fossil Q Venture HR gives you the basics that you’re looking for in a smartwatch plus a sophisticated design, you can wear at any day in any occasion.

Withings Steel HR

Tired of looking at all-screen smartwatches? Check out Withings Steel HR instead.

The Withings’ hybrid smartwatch features the classic analog clock face but just a little smarter thanks to its smartwatch features.

The design of the Withings Steel HR only includes a small LED screen where you can see your notifications as well as your stats. The lower side of the watch shows you a percentage calculator and as soon as you meet your goal, it will indicate ‘100%’. It’s sleek design also gives you that premium feel while keeping it minimalist.

With only 36mm in diameter and weighing at 39g, the Withings Steel HR is certainly lightweight. It is offered as well in 40mm if you like a bigger watch instead. You can also interchange the bands and if you’ll be ordering the Steel HR, you can opt for an additional band you so won’t be limited to only one and you can customize the straps. Band variants include: silicone, leather and Milanese.

The Withings Steel HR may only look plain but it’s health and fitness features shouldn’t be overlooked. This hybrid smartwatch enables you to monitor heart-rate, track sleep and workouts and if you swim, you can wear this watch  as it is water resistant up to 50 meters provided that it is worn with the silicone strap.

The Steel HR monitors your sleep cycles and interruptions as well as the time it takes for you to fall asleep. With its design, the Steel HR is surely comfortable to be worn while sleeping.

One advantage of the Steel HR is its battery life. Most smartwatches lasts up to 3 days but the Steel HR promises up to 25 days.

If you prefer aesthetics and just want a normal looking watch with basic smartwatch functions, opt for this hybrid smartwatch.

Skagen Falster 2

Adding to the list of smartwatches run by Wear OS is the Skagen Falster 2.

With its simple design, the Falster 2 will much likely appeal to those ladies who love subtle pieces of tech.

The classy look of the Skagen Falster 2 is worth enough to be worn in special events and is fit to be paired with any outfits.

Offered in 40mm, the Falster 2 feels just right on the wrist. Having a bright and clear display, thanks to its OLED screen, checking time and notifications is no hassle. Straps can be interchangeable giving the Falster 2 versatility to be used with any getup.

If you’ve been surrounded by Google products, you’d have no problem adjusting to the Falster 2. Complemented with Google apps, the Falster 2 enables easy payment through Google Pay so no worries if you happen to leave your wallet on a ladies’ night.

Though compatible with iOS, the Falster 2 model works best with Android systems due to Wear OS’ limitations when paired with iPhones.

Fitness-wise features, it has built-in GPS to track your workouts and a heart-rate monitor that tracks your heart rate within a 20-minute interval. You can swim at ease while wearing the Falster 2 as it is water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Without a doubt, the Skagen Falster 2 is a good-looking smartwatch as well and if you don’t mind its simple features, go ahead and get one.

Kate Spade Scallop 2 Smartwatch

On a fancier side is Kate Spade, a designer brand who also has its offerings in the world of smartwatches in collaboration with Fossil.

Although its first smartwatch lacked some features, Kate Spade released a much better version which has an upgrade both in the design and tech departments,  the Scallop Smartwatch 2.

Designers have retained its original design with the scallop design around its screen but extended this to its steel/silicone strap that adds a much sophisticated look while wearing it on your wrist.

The Scallop 2 is available in different colors such as rose-gold tone, two-tone colors (gold/silver), gold, and silver. Kate Spade offers different straps as well to complement the watch.

As Kate Spade partners with Fossil, the Scallop 2 still runs on Wear OS and major tech upgrades that the Scallop 2 has gotten is the built-in GPS, heart-rate monitor and NFC payments made possible by Google Pay.

Ample storage  includes 4 GB which is enough to add additional apps plus you can track steps and calories. It is water-resistant too up to 30 meters. You can as well customize pretty colors on the watch face.

With Google Assistant on-board, you get real-time notifications from your phone as well as get basic info about weather or directions directly from your wrist. Battery-wise, you’ll get the Scallop 2 up and running for 1 to 2 days at most.

If you’re a fan of the brand plus looking for a smartwatch that is really made for women, the Kate Spade Scallop 2 is a perfect choice.

Michael Kors Access Sofie 2.0

Another designer brand who offers smartwatches is Michael Kors. Aimed at women, the brand introduced its first Sofie smartwatch way back in 2016. Fast-forward to 2019, the brand has revamp the Access Sofie to be have more tricks under the hood to cater to modern women.

Redesigning the smartwatch’s looks, it has now 3 side buttons as well as a smaller bezel and crystals around the screen. This gives the watch that luxurious and premium feel. The brand will offer the Sofie 2.0 in silver, gold, pink, and pink/silver variants.

With the Access Sofie 2.0, you can now monitor your heart rate, track your location as well as make contactless payments, all made possible by Wear OS. Furthermore, workouts can be traced with Google Fit.

You can easily access Google Assistant using the Sofie 2.0 which makes doing tasks much easier. As of the moment, the company has just announced the Sofie 2.0 and it is not yet available on their online store however, we will update this section as soon it is up for sale.


As more companies recognize the need for smartwatches catered for women, we can expect additional designs for this year but so far, the above listed are the ones that stand out the most in today’s smartwatches.





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