Apple Watch Series 4 VS Samsung Galaxy Watch: Which is Worth the Money and Attention?

apple watch 4 vs samsung galaxy watch

Should you buy an Apple Watch Series 4 or Samsung Galaxy Watch? If you want to get your hands on one of the best smartwatches that money can buy, then the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch should be near the top of your shortlist.

Apple Watch Series 4 VS Samsung Galaxy Watch: PRICE

Apple Watch Series 4: From $399


Samsung Galaxy Watch: From $329.99

samsung galaxy watch

The new Apple Watch 4 costs anywhere between £399/$399 all the way up to £529/$529. It’s the same price in dollars and pounds. The Galaxy Watch is a little more reasonably priced starting at £279/329 up to £299/$349.

Apple Watch Series 4 VS Samsung Galaxy Watch: DESIGN

apple watch series 4 vs samsung galaxy watch

samsung galaxy watch

The Galaxy Watch offers a classic-looking circular dial and a rotating bezel for navigation. Meanwhile, Apple has retained its traditional square face with the Series 4 and offers 30% larger display than the Series 3. Both of the watches come in two different sizes, 42mm and 46mm for Galaxy Watch, and 40mm and 44mm for Apple Watch 4. They also have a range of extra third-party bands, in case you wish to change their look.

Apple Watch Series 4 VS Samsung Galaxy Watch: SPECS

apple watch series 4 vs samsung galaxy watch

                Under the hood, both smartwatches have the latest hardware to offer, making both watches probably the best in their class. With the Galaxy Watch, powered by the new Exynos 9110 clocked at 1.15 GHz works with 768 MB or 1.5 GB RAM with the LTE version and 4 GB internal memory. The 46mm Galaxy Watch packs a 472mAh battery, capable of running the watch for 80+ hours on normal use. The 42mm model also runs 45+ hours on a single charge, which is almost thrice the life offered by the Apple Watch 4.Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 4 runs Apple WatchOS 5 out of the box and is powered by a next-gen S4 chip with a custom 64-bit dual-core processor. The watch has 16GB of internal storage space, and a battery capable of keeping the watch alive for 18 hours.

Apple Watch Series 4 VS Samsung Galaxy Watch: Fitness and Features

samsung galaxy watch

As the trend goes, both Samsung and Apple have heavily focused their latest watches on health and fitness. Samsung has added a new stress management tracker, and 21 new indoor exercises to the Galaxy Watch. It uses its heart rate monitor to keep an eye on your stress levels, giving you a nudge to chill for a minute and breathe if it sees a spike which can’t be attributed to exercise. There’s also a new advanced sleep tracker to monitor all levels of sleep, including REM cycles.

apple watch series 4

Apple, meanwhile, has gone a step further by adding an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor in Apple Watch 4. It is a first for a smartwatch, although the ECG app will initially be available in the US only. This marks the first time than an over-the-counter device can do this, and it has earned certification from the US Food and Drug Administration. For runners, Apple also claims to have made significant improvements in accelerometer and gyroscope too.

apple watch series 4

Automatic workout detection is supported by both watches, so they can record and track data even if you do not press start for your exercise. Apple Watch uses Apple Health to do so, and the Galaxy Watch uses Samsung Health.

Apple Watch Series 4 VS Samsung Galaxy Watch: THE VERDICT

apple watch series 4 vs samsung galaxy watch

Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch address two different user groups. It’s worth taking a look at the two top dogs on the smartwatch market to see why both manufacturers are leaving the competition in the dust. Both devices offer a full package of current top hardware, well-rounded software and excellent workmanship that nobody can compete with at the moment.

What do you think of these smartwatches? Has one already won a place on your wrist? Or are you waiting to see what the competition does?


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